Our monthly meetings are held every first Tuesday of the month. The location of our meetings will vary as we look for a new restaurant to host us. Pay close attention to the itinerary below as information will be presented there.  

In some cases we chose to mix things up, and the meetings get held at different locations. 

(This mostly happens during the summer months when we're playing with our cars.)

 So check back often for updated details.  


Tuesday February 4th, 2020

 WMPOCI monthly meeting- We will be meeting at Russ' Restaurant in Grandville, Mi. Meeting starts at 7:00pm, but arrive early if you'd like to eat dinner ahead of time. We'll be watching a short video of the restoration process of the 1969 Prototype Trans Am. 

Tuesday March 3rd, 2020

WMPOCI monthly meeting- For this meeting we'll be getting together at the Gilmore Car Museum where we'll tour the Garage Works program. The club is a shop sponsor of the youth program at the museum. We'll get to see the kids who attend the program and interact with them as they're working on the vehicles. We'll be meeting at the museum at 6:00pm.

​Tuesday April 7th, 2020

WMPOCI monthly meeting- For this meeting we'll gathering at the VerHage Mitsubishi Dealership in Holland, Mich where we'll be touring their Chrysler Museum. We'll be meeting at the dealership at 7:00pm.

VerHage Mitsubishi

343 E. 8th St

Holland, Mi 49423

Tuesday May 5th, 2020

WMPOCI monthly meeting- We will be meeting at a local Restaurant (undetermined at this time). Meeting starts at 7:00pm, but arrive early if you'd like to eat dinner ahead of time. We'll have a guest speaker, Glen Bevis, who will be sharing a rarely seen Pontiac promotional video. The video was directed by John Delorean and showcases the 1970 Pontiac model line. 

Saturday May 16th, 2020

WMPOCI Spring Dust-off Event- This year we'll be traveling down to Lansing, Mi where we'll tour the REO Oldsmobile Museum. After the tour we'll go for a quick photo-shoot together, and then enjoy a riverboat dinner cruise on the Michigan Princess Riverboat. So dust off those Pontiac-GMCs, and join us on our official "dust-off" event. We look forward to seeing everyone there!! 

Tuesday June 2nd, 2020

WMPOCI monthly meeting- We will be meeting at Gentex Automotive in Zeeland, Mi for a factory tour. Stay tuned as more details come available. 

July  2020

WMPOCI event- It's undetermined what date but sometime in July we will be going on a "Follow the Leader Ice Cream Run". What is that you ask? It's a random cruise with no real destination in mind. Will we take turns being the leader every few minutes, the last person to lead has to take us to the nearest ice cream shop. 

July  7th thru 12th, 2020

Annual POCI Convention- This year's convention is being held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Members will traveling together as a group to attend the event. Watch for further details as we determine when everybody is heading down, and where we'll be departing from. Hope you can join us. 

For more details on the event check here:

POCI Annual Convention Details

Saturday July 11th, 2020

WMPOCI event- Some of the members will be heading to Milford, Mi for the All Pontiac Car Show being held at the Baker's of Milford Restaurant.  This show is being held by the Motor City Chapter of the POCI. Watch for further details on where we'll be meeting up to head over for this event.  

Motor City Chapter Pontiac Summer Round-Up details

Tuesday August 4th, 2020 


WMPOCI monthly meeting- We will be meeting at  a local restaurant. Meeting starts at 7:00pm, but arrive early if you'd like to eat dinner ahead of time. This is the last meeting prior to our annual Elhart Car Show, so we'll be using this meeting to firm-up details of the show. If you're planning to attend or help out at the show don't miss this meeting. 

Friday August 14th, 2020

WMPOCI Annual Car Show- We will be holding our annual Friday Night Car Show at Elhart Automotive Campus in Holland, Mi. Check the show flyer elsewhere on the website for more details.

Tuesday September 7th, 2020


WMPOCI Annual Picnic- We will be meeting at the Ottawa Beach State Park in Holland, Mi for our annual picnic. The club meeting will begin at 7:00pm, but arrive early and bring a dish to pass if you would like to enjoy a picnic on the beach with other club members.

Friday-Saturday September 17th and 19th, 2020

Pure Stock Muscle Car Drags- Members will helping out at the Muscle Car Drags in Stanton, Mi. Come watch more than 100 muscle cars put to task as they were designed to be used, drag racing!!

Friday & Saturday October 9th and 10th, 2020

WMPOCI Annual Color Tour- This year's color tour has us traveling to the Charlevoix, Michigan area. We'll enjoy the annual Apple Festival that is held in the quaint downtown overlooked Round Lake. We're working on other details so check back for more updates.   

Tuesday November 3rd, 2020

WMPOCI monthly meeting & Valve cover races- It has become a tradition that this meeting not only include our annual club staff nominations, but also our annual valve cover races. Come join us for a evening filled with fun and enjoyment!! As in the past, this event will be held at the Ron & Elaine Van Zytveld's place near Hudsonville, Mi. 

Thursday December 3rd,  2020
WMPOCI Christmas Dinner- We will be holding our annual Christmas Dinner at the Beechwood Inn in Holland, Mi. Check back for more details.